(Used) HAKKO FX-888D 70W Mains Solder Station

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About this product


Product overview

• 70W mains powered soldering iron that allows you to get soldering by simply plugging the iron in
• Heats up in 23 seconds to allow you to begin soldering almost right away
• Selectable temperature from 50°C to 480°C, ensuring that your solder can be melted without excessive heat damaging the components you are soldering
• Mains powered to give you the freedom to solder for as long as you like
Special Features
• LED display to allowing you to set and monitor the temperature of your soldering iron

Is this solder station suitable for commercial use?
When choosing a solder station the HAKKO FX-880D ticks all the boxes. The soldering iron is ESD Safe (electro static discharge) which ensures that no matter how sensitive to static electricity the parts you are working with are, they won’t be at risk with this soldering iron. The adjustment and presentable modes ensure you can set the temperature to what you desire and then you can lock it with a password to protect your settings.

What difference does the wattage make?
The wattage of a soldering iron is one of the most important factors when deciding which one to buy. Higher wattage will deliver more heat to the iron’s tip, allowing it to heat up quicker. As this is a 70W mains solder station, it heats up the tip in under 20 seconds to a selected temperature, allowing you to start soldering without having to refill butane tanks or replace batteries.

Do I need anything else for this soldering iron?
This soldering iron is fully assembled. To get started, all you need to do is get some solder. Simply unpack this soldering iron and connect it to a mains socket. In under a minute, it should have warmed up to temperature and be ready for use.


Wattage 70 W
Warm up time 23 seconds
Max temp 50 °C – 480 °C
Power 70 W max
Run time Not time limited
Special functions Swappable heating element, temperature adjustment
Weight 1.2KG
Dimensions 100 X 120 X 120 mm
Package contents
Soldering iron
Iron holder with cleaning wire
Power cord
User manual