Velleman Super Stereo Ear Solder Kit

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About this product


  • Amplify any incoming sound by 50 times
  • Two microphone inputs to a 3.5mm headphone socket
  • Simple and fun to solder with 46 parts

Product overview

• Amplify any incoming sound by 50 times
• Two microphone inputs to a 3.5mm headphone socket
• Simple and fun to solder with 46 parts
• Requires three AA batteries (not included – Order Code L42AL)

What can I do with this kit?
Point the two microphones at a sound source and hear it amplified by 50 times through headphones (not included) with this super stereo ear kit (manufacturer code MK136). The amplifier can be a great aid for those with impaired hearing – just point it towards the TV and boost the volume through your headphones. You can even adjust the boosted volume to the right level for you. With a compact board at just 62mm x 54mm x 44mm you can fit this kit almost anywhere. This kit is great for beginners and those looking for a more complicated kit with 23 parts.

What can I learn from this amplifier kit?
Practise soldering and learn about electronics and circuits with this electronic sound amplifier kit. It uses resistors, capacitors, a transistor, microchip and two microphones, and will help you learn how to connect a circuit. This circuit contains many different components, and gives you a great opportunity to see them all in action. Use the two potentiometers to alter your volume. The microphones capture the sound that is amplified by the circuit the kit gives a stereo output as each microphone feeds one earpiece so you hear it exactly as it enters the kit. This kit requires a
soldering iron and solder, and may require wire cutters.

How easy is this kit to solder?
Simple to solder, this kit is great for beginners learning about electronics or those looking to increase their soldering skills. Putting the kit together is just the start of your adventure – you may want to create an enclosure (not included) for the kit could protect the electronics, but be careful not to block the microphones. This kit requires three AA batteries (not included) and comes with a battery holder which is attached under board to make the gadget even more compact.


Operating Specifications

Analogue Inputs:

2 built-in microphones

Analogue Outputs:

3.5 mm headphone socket

Product Specifications

Soldering Required:


Dimensions & Weight