• Protective bumpercase & integrated anti-blue light filter
  • Up to 4 fully customizable child accounts
  • Access to over 500 games & apps - no WiFi required
  • No in-app adverts or purchases
  • Kid safe content for ages 3-8 & exclusive Disney games/eBooks

Learn and play with Mickey, Goofy and other Disney characters on the Pebble Gear Mickey & Friends 7" Tablet. It comes with Disney games, apps and e-books pre-installed. 

With the Pebble Gear OS, you get full parental control. Create up to 4 child accounts, each with its own customisable security level.

Then there's the Game Store Junior. There your kids can choose from over 500 more fun games and apps, no charge, no in-game purchases, zero ads. Just a ton of fun with Disney characters.

The Tablet features cameras and a mic, so your little explorer can document anything he or she does. The battery lasts up to 9 hours, plenty for an interactive afternoon. And with its blue light filter, it goes easy on your eyes, so your kids can watch their favourites longer. With a tough bumper case, this one can easily take a bump or two.