• Low cost.
  • A good project to learn to solder with.
  • Many GND and 5V pins - you need those a lot.
  • Includes female headers that you can insert jumpers into.
  • Well labelled pins: They are grouped together logically including - GPIO / I2C / SPI / UART / Power.
  • Compact: Adds less than 2mm to the height of your Raspberry Pi and 1mm to to width.

The Pi Supply Pi Crust Plus Breakout Board - Cyan is a breakout board for the Raspberry Pi and makes it easy to connect electronics.

    Why a kit?

    We love electronics kits for a multitude of reasons - they are fun to put together, you get a sense of achievement at the end of it, they are great for learning about soldering and electronics and many many more reasons...

    You don't need to be a soldering god or an electronics pro to put these kits together. We make sure they are simple enough even for absolute beginners to put together.

    Form FactorBoard
    Pack QuantityTotal 1 Piece(s)