• Comes with 4 x rubber feet
  • A clear transparent top allows you to keep an eye on your ePaper project
  • Available with/without a watch strap in black or white
  • All ports on the PaPiRus HAT and Pi Zero are accessible
  • 5 openings in the case allow you to use the programmable buttons on the PaPiRus Zero pHAT by pressing them with a pen or pencil or similar, without the need to open up the case.

The Pi Supply Protective Case for Raspberry Pi Zero & PaPiRus Zero pHAT - Clear is designed to enclose the PaPiRus Zero ePaper pHAT module. ePaper / eInk is a display technology that mimics the appearance of ink on normal paper. eUnlike conventional displays, ePaper reflects light, just like ordinary paper, and is capable of holding text and images indefinitely, even without electricity. Because of this, ePaper displays and single-board computers or microcontrollers are a match made in heaven as together they use a very small amount of power whilst still bringing a display to your project. This transparent case design allows you to view anything on your ePaper screen without having to open up the case.

Potential Use Cases:

  • An eInk / ePaper Nametag
  • Display the latest weather forecast
  • A Pi Zero ePaper watch
  • Display your own Twitter Feed
  • Small dynamic digital signage (such as displaying prices for products in a store)
  • Outdoor displays where you don't want the screen to be affected by sunlight reflection
  • Any sort of data-logging applications
Case CompatibilityFor use with a Raspberry Pi Zero with attached PaPiRus pHAT
Form FactorCase
Pack QuantityTotal 1 Piece(s)
In The BoxProtective case 4 x Rubber feet