• Reduces moisture and damp in confined spaces
  • Rapid 2-3 hour recharge time
  • No mess or refilling required
  • Indicator to show when ready to use
  • Works at low temperatures

The twin pack of Prem-i-air Rechargeable Dehumidifiers is ideal for absorbing moisture in a multitude of small spaces such as cars, caravans, cabinets, boxes, sheds and wardrobes. It requires no batteries or wires to work. This compact product soaks up moisture from the surrounding area using the enclosed silica gel crystals. When fully absorbed the crystals in the indicator window on top of the unit will change colour from orange to green. Simply place the unit on the Super Fast Fan driven heating recharging station for 2-3 hours, when fully recharged the indicator crystals will turn orange again. This dehumidifier is completely wire free nor does it need batteries to work, this makes this type of dehumidifier completely portable and usable anywhere! The absorbent crystals do not need to be changed or refilled and the product can be re-charged many times. Also has the added bonus of a handy Fan driven shoe drying attachment. Simply place the Shoe drying attachment on the recharge station and hot air is blown into the shoes or training shoes to dry them out.