• USB plug-in condenser microphone kit
  • Adjustable studio boom arm for easy microphone repositioning
  • Easily mounted LED ring lamp to any camera, phone holder, rig or tripod
  • Adjustable lighting: warm light, soft light or white light 3200K to 5600K
  • Also includes Mid Size Tripod

This Vlogger kit includes everything to get going. A Studio Microphone with Spring Loaded Boom Arm, an LED Ring light to perfectly illuminate your subject and a Mid Sized Tripod support the Ring Light or your camera.

Designed for streamers, podcasters, gamers, vocalists and voice-overs, the ProSound Studio Spring Loaded Boom Arm Microphone Kit is a USB plug-in boom microphone setup for clear and professional sound recordings.

The high quality condenser microphone has a cardioid pickup pattern which effectively captures sound and voice directly from the front side, reducing any background noise in loud environments. Also featuring a smooth, flat frequency response of 30Hz-16kHz and 16mm diaphragm which delivers a fuller, round and warmer sound in all recordings.

Built with an adjustable studio boom arm which clamps securely to any desk or table and USB plug-in connectivity, making this kit have universal connectivity to all Mac and Windows computers/laptops and mounting surfaces. Additionally a pop filter has been included to protect against plosion and popping external noises.

The Ulanzi VL64 LED Vlog Selfie Ring Light is an ideal solution for any photographer or videographer looking to shoot even face footage in the dark, indoors or outdoors. Easily mount the light to your camera or phone holder using the cold shoe attachment or mount to a tripod using the 1/4" screw and you're good to go!

Designed with an additional cold shoe attachment for mounting an external microphone for improved sound quality.

Thanks to the compact size of the ring lamp (15cmx3.3cm) you can carry the light wherever you go. Powered by a built-in 3.7V 2000mAh lithium Ion battery, you can use the lamp up to 80 minutes at full charge. On the upper side of the light there is a USB-C connection for charging with four LED lights which show how much power is remaining.

The ring lamp contains 64 LEDs, with 3 colour options: warm light, soft light or white light, ranging from 3200K to 5600K. The 3D curved diffuser avoids dazzling effects, upgrading light perception for a more delicate light source. The light will highlight your face during video calls, streaming or pre-recorded filming, making this light ideal for interviews, vlogs and more.