• Able to charge two batteries
  • 10Ah PWM
  • Can connect a solar panel up to 150w
  • Protects the batteries from over charging and reverse feed
  • 132 x 70 x 25mm

This advanced solar PV Logic 10Ah 12V / 24V Twin Battery Charge Controller is designed to protect dual batteries from being overcharged by a solar panel/s up to 150w. Able to take a 12v or 24v solar input the energy from the solar panel will always be focused on the battery connected to the number 1 terminals until that battery is 70% charged. Then if a second battery is connected both will receive a simultaneous charge. This is idea in a motorhome of boat where its typical to have both a leisure battery and a starter battery. If only one battery is connected this will be charged until full.
Form FactorController
Case ColourBlack
Dimensions13.8cm (W) x 7.0cm (D) x 3.5cm (H) - Weight 0.15kg