The panel surface can be walked on
80w Semi flexible solar panel for use in extreme environments
Will generate up to 480wh per day
Certified to withstand immersion in salt water and UV prolonged exposure
806x665x4mm. 3.75kgs


This shatter proof, light weight and low profile PV Logic 80wp Flexi PV Kit & 10ah Charge Controller has been designed to be used in the very harshest of environments or where fixing to a slightly curved surface or where the panel will be walked on (such as the deck of a boat). Made from the hardest wearing anti slip ETFE top layer with an aluminium substrate ensures this panel keeps performing even if covered in salt water, subjected to intense UV or extreme cold. This 80w panel is fitted with a 4m cable and is supplied with a 10Ah twin battery charge controller, terminals and user instructions. It will generate up to 480wh per day.
Certified to ISO 9227 and ISO 4892 for salt water immersion and high intensity UV exposure, the PV Logic Flexi panel can be relied upon even in extreme conditions.