• Front: 140° Viewing Angle - f/1.8 Aperture, Rear: 120° Viewing Angle - f/2.2 Aperture
  • Built-in GPS, Telematics & WiFi
  • Front: Omnivision OV4689 CMOS Image Sensor & Rear: Omnivision OV9712 CMOS Image Sensor
  • Front & Rear Camera Package to capture multiple directions
  • Parking Mode Protection

Front and rear camera package with built-in GPS

With a new standard of quality, reliability and personalisation options, the Road Angel Halo Pro 2 Channel 2K Resolution  Dual Lens Dash Cam packs a mighty punch with its front and rear camera package. Dash Cameras have never looked so good or been so easy to operate. Unobtrusive while driving, its adjustable lens, and discrete wiring mean you can capture remarkable Full 2K HD footage. Connect to your mobile phone through the built-in Wi-Fi, watch a real-time video preview on your Smartphone and download it if an accident happens.

140 Degree Wide recording

Seeing is believing! The Halo Pro supports 1440P Ultra HD loop recording to produce a sharpness of imagery that amazes - 78% higher than that of 1080P. A compact size and no monitor means no distraction.

Front and rear dual recording

Taking driving safety up to the next level with the dual camera Halo Pro. With built-in GPS, G-Sensor and a high precision GPS module, this ultra-sophisticated dual camera package extend the capabilities of dash cameras beyond the expected.


Front: 2K 1440P@25fps HD Loop Recording

Rear: 1080P@20fps HD Loop Recording


Front & Rear Camera Package to capture multiple directions


Internal & SD Card storage for increased backup protection


Front: 140° Viewing Angle - f/1.8 Aperture

Rear: 120° Viewing Angle - f/2.2 Aperture


Front: Omnivision OV4689 CMOS Image Sensor

Rear: Omnivision OV9712 CMOS Image Sensor


Front: Hisilicon Hi3516D Processor

Rear: Hisilicon Hi3518E Processor


Detects sudden movements and acceleration


Protects your vehicle even when you are parked


iOS & Android companion app for viewing live and recorded footage


Built-in GPS to track journeys, locations and speed


Extensive telematics data recorded for every journey


Supports up to 128GB Class 10 Micro SD Card

(Minimum recommended size 32GB)


Thanks to the Halo PRO's built-in GPS hardware your journeys, locations and speeds are all tracked and stored. Along with GPS information the Halo PRO also records extensive telematics data for every journey. This includes detailed acceleration, braking and cornering information along every part of your journey shown on a map for easy playback and reference.


Protection even when parked! Thanks to the Halo PRO's Parking Mode (hardwiring kit required - available here) your vehicle is protected when you're away. Park up, turn your ignition off and the Halo Pro will automatically enter Parking Mode in time-lapse. If the G-Sensor detects an event or movement the Halo PRO will resume normal recording.


Smart Phone App

With the HALO Smartphone App that's available on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store, you can connect via Wi-Fi to your Road Angel HALO PRO. It's packed with great features and camera settings.

Live Preview

The Live Preview mode lets you watch real-time video footage on your Smartphone, without having to download it first. With the dedicated and enhanced onboard Wi-Fi chipset the footage is streamed at a high rate.

Download & Edit Footage

In the event of an accident or if you just want to keep a recording you can select the exact time you want to download, trim/edit the clip and save it to your phone. You can even export the saved footage to social media from within the HALO App.

Take & Edit Photos

You can take still images/photos when viewing the Live Preview and save them to the HALO App. You can then edit the photos right from within the HALO App with 17 image filters before saving them to your phone or social media.


GPS Information

The Road Angel HALO PRO not only offers an amazing dual-camera package but has a built-in GPS. The HALO PRO will show your location and route in real-time on a map.

Extended GPS Data

With its built-in GPS module, the HALO PRO can show extended Live GPS Data relating to your current position and heading.

Extensive Telematics

The HALO App can record and analyse complex telematics data from your routes/journeys and display the information in many different ways. It can playback the route you have selected showing you exact location speeds and other data relating to your journey.

Journey Tracking

Using the HALO App with the HALO Pro enables you to track, save and share your routes and journeys. They are all stored in an easy to use section which allows you to quickly find and display GPS/Telematics information.