The Robomow - It mows. You Don't.


What is the Robomow?

Imagine relaxing in your garden with your family instead of mowing the lawn. With the innovative Robomow, you can! This fully automatic lawnmower cuts grass all by itself, so you can take a holiday from mowing the lawn forever. Just pop the Robomow at the edge of your garden and press 'Go' for a beautifully manicured lawn.

The Robomow is the perfect mower for maintaining your lawn. Complete with a Base Station, this nifty little machine is lean, green and very, very mean. Fitted with all the technological advantages and features available for the garden, with the Robomow, your lawn will never look better.


Interact with your mower

The Robomow App brings you a lawn mowing experience unlike any other. Wherever you are - on the sofa, in the garden, out and about... Interacting with your mower has never been faster, easier or more enjoyable. With the Robomow App you have full control of your mower from the convenience of your smartphone!

Control your mower from the convenience of your smartphone. Navigate from one garden to the other effortlessly. Adjust your lawn size settings, set your mower's weekly schedule and define your mowing zones...all from your smartphone. All your preferences. Zero effort.

See the Robomow in action!
Available in a variety of models and with a variety of accessories