• USB 3.0
  • Store 50+ Xbox One games
  • No power cable required
  • Plug-and-play setup - get gaming in seconds
  • Portable design

Additional storage for your Xbox One ® or Xbox 360 ®
Nothing clouds the gaming experience with Xbox One as much as a Congested hard disk. Extend the storage capacity of your console by Seagate Game Drive for Xbox Portable 2 TB External Hard Drive, i.e. with the only external hard drive, designed specifically for Xbox One and Xbox 360. On this slim hard drive, which easily into your pocket, you can save an extensive collection of games and still have plenty of space for videos and music.

With additional memory of 2 TB for your Xbox One or Xbox 360, you can then practically the whole world - or even the galaxy-in saving lives and also all the games, the xbox are important for you. Relieve the internal hard disk of your console, by more than 50 Xbox-One-games at a central place.

Thanks to Plug-and-Play your system is ready for immediate use. The Xbox recognizes your hard drive automatically and helps you with the easy setup, so that the hard disk is already in just a few minutes for your gaming experience.

Disconnect the Seagate Game Drive in front of the console and take your entire game library to your friends. Since this compact hard disk in your backpack fits and without a separate power cable, you can enjoy your games there at the same time.

The Game Drive for Xbox is compatible with Xbox One and Xbox 360 and can be directly to any USB port on your console.