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Netatmo Smart Thermostat

Easy to install yourself to replace a wireless or wired thermostat. Requires a high-speed wireless internet connection. iOS 9+ required, Android 4.2+ required, PC & Mac through the web app
Use voice control to operate your Netatmo Smart Thermostat with Siri via your iPhone/iPad or with Google Assistant via Google Home
Control heating remotely from your smartphone, tablet or computer, or manually via the thermostat
The Netatmo Thermostat's auto-adapt function optimises your energy consumption by switching the heating on when you need it based on your home's thermal characteristic and the outdoor temperature
37% less energy on average to heat your home with a heating schedule tailored to your lifestyle

Honeywell Lyric Wired Smart T6 Thermostat

Scheduling features include 7 and 5/2 day bespoke scheduling with up to 6 time periods a day
Easy integration into existing heating systems
Temperature measurement can be offset to suit the position of the thermostat if required
Touch-screen interface simplifies scheduling, changing and overriding temperature
Control via smartphone/tablet gives customers complete control of their heating system wherever they are
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2 Items