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LIFX Z - LED Light Strip 1m Extension

Bright - 700 lumens per meter
Zones - 8 addressable zones per strip
App - iOS 9+, Android 4.1+, Windows 10
Voice Services - Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Plugs - Requires LIFX Z Starter Kit

VEHO Kasa Bluetooth Smart LED Light Light Strip

Dimmable app controlled adaptive lighting with 16 million colours to choose from
Low energy cost efficient LED adaptive lighting with 15 year life expectancy
Control up to 32 units automatically or by the touch of an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet
24/7, 365 day app scheduling to automatically control your home lighting environment
Kasa scheduling countdown feature allows you to automatically turn off lights at night time or when you are leaving the home
Set Descending Direction

2 Items