Feel safe knowing youll be notified if a leak is detected in your home! Simply place the device near any appliance that requires water, ie, washing machine, shower pump, dishwasher..etc..
Download the free Homewizard Link app (IOS or Android) and use with the Smarthome Pro gateway Link (sold seperately) to control your devices by mobile/tablet
When activated an alarm will sound, 80db, and a notification will be sent to your mobile/tablet if used with the Smarthome Pro gateway Link (sold seperately).
Preset emergency contacts who may be able to help faster to protect your home and possessions wherever you are.


The Smartwares Smarthome PRO Water Detector Add On allows you react quickly if a leak is detected in your home. Receive notifications to your mobile/tablet wherever you are (when used with the Smartwares Pro Gateway Link, sold seperately), and immediately phone for help, or let the app contact your pre-defined emergency contacts.


Form FactorSensor
Case ColourWhite
Pack Quantity1