• Lifetime, market leading Here™ mapping
  • Built-in GPS / G-Sensor
  • Free Premium traffic information
  • 130-degree HD dash cam
  • 5" LCD colour screen

The Snooper SC5900 DVR G2 5" Sat Nav & HD Dash Cam is the ultimate co-pilot, designed to help drivers navigate the roads safely and more efficiently. It has a built-in dash cam that is essential evidence for any insurance claim. The multi-route technology can find routes with multiple destinations.

Snooper’s SC5900 DVR G2 with Built-in Dash Cam is an advanced satellite navigation system dedicated to safe, efficient routing for professional drivers. SC5900 DVR combines street-level navigation with GPS, HD Dash Cam. 

Junction view and lane guidance

SC5900 DVR provides full-screen images of main motorway junctions that are displayed on approach. Specially formulated software suggests which lane or lanes to use for safe transferral. 

Multi-route technology 

The  SC5900 DVR allows users to input up to 16 destinations by searching via postcode, junction number or destination. It then calculates the most economical route for you to save time and money. 

Built-in GPS Dash Cam 

The SC5900 DVR G2 incorporates a 130° HD Dash Cam with GPS. Footage of your journey is stored onto the included 8GB SD card which will loop recordings, the videos will be embedded with GPS location & time data to provide key evidence should it be required. 3-Axis G sensor will ensure any incidents are automatically saved not to be automatically overwritten.

Points of interest 

There are over two million points of interest preloaded into the SC5900 DVR device, including hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, speed cameras and cash machines.

Multi-route technology.
Making a multi-stop journey can cause drivers huge headaches; Which is the best route? Where should we stop first? Snooper SC5900 DVR will take away that headache and plan your multi-stop route accommodating up to 16 destinations at the press of a button. Using the multi-route icon, simply search and select the destinations you require either by postcode, city, POI or even favourites and SC5900 DVR will plot a route through each stop off. Want the best route available? Press the rearrange button on your SC5900 DVR and it will place the destinations into the most logical order, giving you the simplest and most cost-effective route for your journey

Premium TMC (Traffic Management Content) - FREE of charge!
If you drive for a living you will know the importance of needing to know exactly what lies ahead. Accurate and reliable information is a must to ensure that you arrive on time. Traffic information is fed from 100's of thousands of vehicles and sensors across the country providing up to the second information. Snooper's TMC service will alert you to traffic incidents across the country. If there is congestion on your route simply ask Snooper to find a route around it.

Over two million POIs across Europe
An extensive list of hotels, restaurants, standard petrol stations, golf courses, cash machines, airports, train stations, shops plus many more. Go straight to your destination at the touch of a button.

Show POI on the route.

Looking for a quick stop off or ATM? All Snooper Sat Nav's show selected POI's on-screen whilst navigating to your destination.  

Full postcode search. 
To ensure the most accurate postcode search available Snooper uses Royal Mail. The most comprehensive of its kind.

Bluetooth™ handsfree technology
Stay on the right side of the law. The Snooper SC5900 DVR is equipped with Bluetooth™ handsfree technology so that if you do have to take a call whilst you are on the move you can do so safely, with both hands still on the steering wheel.

Choice of map display colour.
For easier and clearer reading, users can choose between 10 different colour configurations for the navigation display. 

Reversing camera link-up.
SC5900DVR has a video input socket, which allows the device to be linked up with a Snooper reversing camera for easier manoeuvering.

Unlike any other sat-nav system, Snooper provides you with speed limit alerts specific to the class of vehicle you are driving. Plus you can update the speed camera database 24hrs a day 365 days a year. Snooper uses our unique AURA™ database which is updated daily, so the second a new speed camera is added you can download it because anything less than 100% cover is just not an option.

As well as the UK and Ireland, the AURA™ speed camera database now offers Worldwide protection. Included in our speed camera database are locations in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Romania, Russia, North America, Canada and South Africa and is still growing.

Please check local laws for the legality of speed camera warnings.

Snooper Services

Snooper Services provides access to our truck-specific speed camera database. Please check local laws for speed camera alert legality.

There are 3 different easy payment methods to choose from.

  • Monthly - £2.99 inc vat
  • Quarterly - £7.99 inc vat
  • Annually - £29.99 inc vat