Ideal to illuminate a single room / stable of 4 x 4m
A complete lighting and power station for remote buildings
220 x 146 x 50mm (hub) - 2.5kgs
5w solar panel and 2Ah lithium battery will illuminate the 300lumen LED strip for 6 hours each day
Easy to DIY install - totally plug and play


SolarMate Solar Hub 16 / 5w / 1 strip / cables provides easy fit lighting and power system for stables, workshops, sheds, garages …in fact anywhere there is no grid connection!
Using a high efficiency solar panel, an advanced lithium battery hub and super bright 300lumen output LED strip, the Solar Hub 16 is bright enough to illuminate a workshop or stable of 4m x 4m for up to 6 hours every night of the year. In addition, 12v and 5v output sockets allow multiple devices to be powered or charged. Totally plug and play, the complete system takes no more than a few minutes to set up and no special wiring knowledge or tools are needed. Supplied with; 5w Solar panel, 2Ah/12v lithium battery hub, 1 x LED strip, all necessary cables, fixings, solar panel wall bracket and user instructions.