• WireFree, no need for cables
  • Remote control from anywhere in your home
  • Child safety: no pull cords
  • Smart home compatible
  • Comfort and privacy with the push of a button
  • 5 years warranty on motor and remote + 2 years warranty on battery

This Somfy DIY Automation Kit for a Roller Blind enables you to convert a non-automated roller blind, regardless of its brand, into an automated roller blind. Compatible with roller blinds. Suitable for roller blinds up to 160 cm wide and 250 cm high. The minimum width of the existing blind should be 70cm. 

  • Clear installation: the motor and all its accessories are included for a smooth installation.
  • Remote control included: Somfy Situo 1 RTS remote.
  • Warranty: 5 years warranty on motor and remote. 2 years warranty on the rechargeable battery.

Compatibility: Somfy RTS remote controls and Somfy TaHoma Smart Home system.

DIY Automation kit RTS for roller blinds.
Experience the comfort and benefits of a motorized automated roller blind with the Somfy roller blind motor.

Thanks to the Somfy Roll Up Basic 28 RTS WF Li-ion motor, you can easily convert your existing roller blind and immediately have all the modern conveniences that an electric roller blind provides. 

The motor comes with all the necessary fittings and equipment and instructions  to ensure a smooth installation. In addition, a fully wireless remote and 5 years warranty on the motor and remote is included. The motor is also compatible with Somfy TaHoma with all Smart Home capabilities at your fingertips.

Coupled with the Somfy TaHoma Smart Home system, you can operate your roller blinds from home or from a distance, programming times on which your roller blinds will automatically and fully open and close to your personal preferences. You can also simulate your presence when you are away from home. TaHoma enables scenarios, so you can connect your roller blinds with other connected applications in the home , e.g when you leave in the morning with one push of the button all the lights go out, the heating turned down and the selected roller blinds close. 

What is included:
• 1x Motor Type Somfy Roll Up 28 RTS WF Li-ion.
• 1x Remote Somfy Situo 1 RTS 
• 1x Somfy Charger.
• 1x Aluminium tube 1.6m 40mm diameter.
• 2x Brackets.
• 2x Bracket covers.
• 1x Idle end.
• 1x Drive wheel & crown.
• 1x Screws.
• 1x Cutting guide.