• Wheel, shifting and pedals for PS3, PS4, Xbox One & PC
  • 3 driving modes to adapt the sensitivity
  • 240° rotation for more realism and precision driving
  • Footrest system and anti-slip pads
  • Menu navigation via the directional pad and buttons

The Subsonic Superdrive Drive Pro GS700 Wheel & Pedal Set has all you need to become a pro on any racing game for the PS4, Xbox One or PC. This set includes the wheel, shift & pedals for that realistic driving feel. 3 driving modes to adapt the sensitivity of the steering wheel so you can race any type of circuit. A 240° rotation and vibration for more realism, sensations & precision driving. The system uses suction cups to fix in place when using the table position or rest it on your lap for comfort. Reprogrammable buttons to adapt to all types of games as well as on wheel buttons to interact with menus.