• Card reader, printer & charging station all in one kit
  • Fast connection & print on-the-go
  • Accepts all types of card payments
  • Easy paper loading with up to 800 prints on a single charge
  • Detach your device & printer when needed

One kit. Everything you need with the SumUp 3G+ Payment Kit.

Say hello to the fully mobile duo every business needs. The SumUp 3G+Wifi Card Reader and the SumUp 3G+ Printer work together to bring simplicity and flexibility to your business. The SumUp 3G+Wifi Card Reader offers multiple useful features. With its built-in 3G SIM card free, unlimited data and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can take payments with simplicity. Pair it with the SumUp 3G+ Printer for the ultimate customer experience. Multitask as a charging station, a printer and a stylish cradle fit for any businesses countertop. Business just got easier.