• USB 3.2
  • Transfer speed: up to 5 Gbps
  • Automatic backup
  • Multicolour LED accent lights
  • Store up to 15+ games

Games consoles have limited storage capacities and the latest games quickly fill them up leaving no space for new ones. The solution is to attach the SureFire GX3 Portable 512 GB External SSD, which provides convenient extended storage and for all the games to be stored in one place. With the 512GB SureFire Gaming SSD capable of storing up to 15+ games, players no longer have to decide which games to delete from their console or PC in order to make room for new titles. Featuring multi-colour RGB changing LED accent lights and an enclosure design influenced by the latest consoles, the SureFire Gaming SSD has high speed data transfer speeds, perfect for storing the latest games.