• Smart radiator valve - control your heating remotely
  • Temperature sensor helps keep heating at the perfect level
  • Adjusts temperature according to your location
  • Individually control multiple radiators for maximum comfort

The Tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat Add-on - Horizontal is compatible with the tado° Smart Radiator Starter Kit or the Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v3), allowing you to expand your heating control throughout your home and ensuring you always have the perfect temperature. 

The Smart Radiator Thermostat uses your phone’s location to control a room radiator. It turns the heating down when no one is home and starts to pre-heat when it detects the first person returning. The built-in temperature sensor will keep track of how warm it is so it never gets too hot or too cold.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

Please note, to use this smart radiator valve you’ll need the tado° internet bridge (sold separately). You’ll also need to download the free tado° app, which is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.