• Compact, lightweight and stylish design
  • 88% efficient
  • 5 step profile for effective charging
  • Power supply mode
  • Dual isolated output (total 25A)

Smart, compact and innovative TBB Power Trident 25A 12V Smart Battery Charger that looks after your onboard batteries

The BS range is a very stylish, compact and feature-packed to ensure they meet all the demands for modern battery charging.

The BS1225 is designed to be highly efficient (up to 88%) and features two isolated outputs enabling independent charging of two battery banks up to 25A total. A separate slave charger output of 3A also provides independent support to charge a starter battery.

Multifunctional smart buttons allow easy programming of the charger for battery type, mode (charging or power supply) and user-definable output current.

The AC input cable is supplied (1.4M) just requiring the addition of output cables - the M4 terminals will accept cable size up to 16mm2

Built-in voltage compensation and temperature compensation via the included temperature sensor ensure the most accurate and efficient charging of your battery no matter the chemistry type - The BS range provides 5 step charging profiles for AGM, GEL, wet lead-acid and specific profile for Li-ION batteries.

Multifunctional smart buttons for easy setup - fit and forget and remembers even after power down


  • Input (AC) : 165VAC - 265VAC
  • Output Voltage (Absorption) : AGM : 14.4V GEL: 14.1V LFP: 14.4V WET : 14.7V
  • Output Voltage (Floating) : AGM : 13.5V GEL : 13.5V LFP : 13.5V WET : 13.7V
  • Outputs : 2
  • Charging current : 25A total
  • Slave charger : 3A
  • Efficiency : 88%
  • Minimum battery voltage : 2V
  • Cooling : Fan
  • Case : Aluminium + plastic
  • Output connectors : M4 screw (16mm2)
  • Operating Temperature : -20°C to +60°C