The World Of Gaming

The gaming world has recently exploded at a tremendous rate over the last couple of years. Game developers are making billions off FREE games! Epic Games the studio responsible for developing Fortnite in 2017 have reported a gross profit in 2018 of $3 billion, which has mainly come from V-Bucks, the in game currency where players can enhance their characters clothing items, but this doesn’t change the gameplay, just the way you look!

fortnite Gameplay Screenshot

But it’s not just the game studios making all the money, streamers an E-Sport teams are making some serious cash as well. With the popularity of streaming sites like Twitch growing, we have seen new celeb style players pop up overnight, with one name sticking out the most. 

Ninja is a 27-year-old professional video game player who streams himself on Twitch, mainly playing Fortnite and with a following of over 12 million on his Twitch he makes over $500,000 per month from his 160,000 paying subscribers! This is just one source of income for Ninja, along with his 20 million subscribers on YouTube, which has all supported deals and partnerships with the likes of Redbull, UberEATS and becoming the first professional video game player to appear on the front cover of “ESPN the Magazine”.

E-Sport events at the moment you can’t miss! New teams and players are growing by the day and we are seeing tournament viewing numbers grow massively. The hugely popular League of Legends season broke all new records in 2018 with the World Championship Final attracting 99.6 million unique views with a peak of 44 millions viewers tuned in at one time. It was broadcast across 30 platforms including Twitch and YouTube in over 19 different languages. This is no small event with a prize pool of over $6.4 million the teams had a lot to play for, with Invictus Gaming, the winning team walking away with just over $2 million!

Players playing games in esport tournament

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