Powerline adapters, also known as homeplugs, make it easy to extend your home network. The simple 3 step; plug, pair and play set-up make powerlines the ideal solution for home or office use.

Powerline with WiFi 2-in-1 technology. Combine the efficiency of powerline with the simplicity of wireless to extend your wired and wireless network. TP-LINK wireless powerline adapters include ‘easy wifi boost’ technology for seamless wireless roaming.

Powerline with AC pass through When plugs are in short supply and you need to extend a network, powerlines come with AC pass through too. Connect your smart TV, PS4 or desk top computer directly to the mains and the Internet at the same time.

Powerline With multiple speeds available and the option of Gigabit ports, there is a perfect powerline to suit your needs. Top tip: whilst you can mix and match home plug adapters your powerline network is limited by the maximum speed of the slowest adapter.