• Digital evidence management system
  • Supports the DrivePro Body 30 and DrivePro Body 60 cameras
  • Categorize and search uploaded files
  • Advanced permissions management
  • Model without internal hard drives

Transcends DrivePro Body Control Center 0TB Network Attached Storage is a digital evidence management system designed specifically to work with the TS-DPD6N networked docking station. With up to 16TB storage capacity, this secure, centralized server can store more than 4,000 hours of 1080P video recordings.

Transcend's TS-DPD6N docking station only supports the DrivePro Body 30 and DrivePro Body 60 cameras.

File management
In addition to video browsing and playback, Control Center can categorize and search uploaded files so users can quickly locate the video clip they are looking for. Control Center also allows users to determine how long to archive a file. Files past their retention period can be deleted automatically, freeing up storage space.

Account management
Control Center features advanced permissions management, enabling fine-tuned access control to prevent unauthorized tampering or deleting of evidence. All actions, such as logins, video access, or file editing, are recorded in the system log.

Device management
Control Center supports simultaneous connection of up to two docking stations or 12 devices in total. Users can adjust devices' default settings, manage device passwords, and maintain updated firmware across all devices.

Model without hard drives
Transcend also offers a model without internal hard drives. Users can purchase their preferred NAS-grade hard drives.