• Placed under the armpit
  • Follow the evolution of a temperature or fever
  • Data is transmitted to your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Monitors the sleeping position of newborns
  • Continuously measures temperature

This smart thermometer can be used to remotely monitor the evolution of fever. The Tucky Smart Wearable Thermometer for Babies and Children is easy to install. Placed under the armpit of the child using double-sided hypoallergenic adhesives. It continuously measures temperature without disturbing the child. Data is transmitted to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It also monitors the sleeping position of newborns and sends an alert if they rollover.

Continuous follow-up of temperature
You can monitor your child’s fever and the effectiveness of the medication.

Remote Access to Data
At the nanny’s or in the room next to you: follow the evolution of the temperature.

Inoffensive for the child
With its biocompatible and hypoallergenic materials, there is no risk of allergy. In addition, Tucky only emits 0.05% of the time. Its transmission power is 250x lower than that of a classic baby monitor.

Box contents
1 Tucky patch thermometer
5 double-sided adhesives
1 USB charging cable
1 instruction manual