• Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Superhuman Hearing Sound Setting
  • Gen 2 Flip-to-Mute Mic
  • Compatible with PC / Xbox Series X / Xbox One
  • Virtual Surround Sound

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700x Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset features a reliable wireless connection via a mini-USB transmitter. Take mobile calls or listen to your own music simultaneously while gaming through Bluetooth technology. An all-new metal-reinforced headband and strengthened hinge design deliver significant advancements in durability, and re-shaped Aerofit cooling gel-infused memory foam ear cushions provide premium comfort. The upgraded rechargeable battery provides up to 20-hours of wireless gaming. A larger, high-sensitivity mic improves chat clarity and conceals in the housing when muted, while 50mm Nanoclear speakers provide crisp, accurate sound for the ultimate gaming experience.

Metal-reinforced headband construction

The Stealth 700 Gen 2 features an all-new metal-reinforced headband and a re-designed hinge structure that's more durable than ever. Rugged, yet lightweight, enjoy peace of mind that your headset is built to last.

Aerofit cooling gel-infused comfort

Experience premium comfort with Turtle Beach exclusive Aerofit cooling gel-infused ear cushions. The re-shaped ear cushions feature plush memory foam infused with a layer of Aerofit cooling gel to keep you cool and comfortable while playing.

Game and stay connected with Bluetooth

The Stealth 700 Gen 2 easily syncs with your mobile device allowing you to stream music or take mobile calls all while continuing to play. Whether you're bored of an old game soundtrack or receiving a call that your pizza is delivered, never miss a moment of action with a simultaneous Bluetooth connection.

Gen 2 flip-to-mute mic

Turtle Beach upgrades voice chat once again with a larger, high-sensitivity, high-performance microphone. The Gen 2 mic enhances chat clarity and seamlessly conceals into the headset design when flipped up to mute.

20-hour wireless battery life

The built-in rechargeable battery now provides up to 20-hours of wireless gaming per charge, matching the competition's battery life but at a lower price. Recharging is simple with the included USB-C cable.

Wireless connection

A mini-USB transmitter provides a reliable wireless audio connection. The mini transmitter delivers an easy plug-and-play connection making setup a breeze.

Pinpoint audio accuracy

Tuned to deliver distortion-free audio with precise, realistic directional accuracy allowing you to hear every important detail for a distinct competitive advantage.

App-based audio customization

Easily adjust your audio settings and program the mappable dial & button on the headset using the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app for your Bluetooth connected mobile device (iOS/Android). Tune your audio settings right on your mobile device to provide a custom, immersive audio experience set for any game you're playing.

Glasses friendly

Turtle Beach's exclusive, patented ProSpecs Glasses Relief System features an easy adjustment tab to create a small channel in the ear cushions that rests against your glasses, alleviating pressure and allowing gamers with glasses to play in comfort.

Superhuman Hearing

With Turtle Beach's exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting, you'll have the competitive advantage by being able to hear all the subtle yet game-changing sounds, like enemy footsteps sneaking up on your six, other players reloading their weapon for an ambush, and vehicles off in the distance approaching with reinforcements. It's vital intelligence for the split-second, life-or-death decisions that elevate great gamers above the rest. Hear everything, defeat everyone!

High-performance Nanoclear speakers

Refined internal acoustics house 50mm Turtle Beach exclusive Nanoclear speakers to produce realistic sound imaging bringing your games to life and ensuring you'll hear every important detail.

Variable mic monitoring

Hear and adjust your own voice while you chat with friends so you're aware of your own volume and don't have to shout.