• Temperature range of 32°C – 42.9°C (89.6°F – 109.2°F)
  • High accuracy of ±0.3°C
  • Low resolution of 0.1°C
  • Non contact 5cm – 10cm range
  • LED & sound alarm temperature trigger ≥37.2°C

The Uni-T Forehead Infrared Thermometer offers rapid and accurate temperature measurements of skin temperature.

This is the ideal tool for checking comparable skin temperature without directly making contact, indicating if a person has an elevated skin temperature.  When the alarm trigger temperature is met, the unit will alarm visually and audibly, warning the user that further official screening may be required.

The thermometer has a measurement range of between 5 and 10 cm with a very quick response time of 250 mS (milliseconds) with high accuracy of ± 0.3°C.

IR thermometers that detect elevated skin temperature (EST) will have varying accuracy with environmental factors such as inherent accuracy, location and the subject to be tested. “Normal” skin temperature can vary throughout the day and varies by person, age, activity and time of day.

“Normal” body temperature can have a wide range from 36.1°C to 37.2°C (97°F to 99°F). The average normal skin temperature is generally accepted as 37°C and a temperature of 38°C (100.4°F) or more is usually considered a high temperature (fever).