How to build the ultimate PC gaming setup

PC Gaming

Your PC tower is crucial to a great gaming setup. We think everything else is important too.

Gaming Monitor – The BenQ 24.5” frameless monitor combines a frameless design, integrated cable management and BenQ exclusive Eye-Care™ Technology with Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free performance delivering truly authentic colours, deeper blacks, high contrast and sharp details. Super- fast 1ms GTG response eliminates motion smear resulting in a smooth gaming experience. 

Keyboard – The Razer Huntsman Keyboard features all new Opto-Mechanical Switches. Upon pressing a key, a receiver is activated by a light signal, instantly actuating the switch command. With reset and actuation at the same point, you rack up keypresses at an extremely fast speed, maximising APM during fast-paced games, all while enjoying light and clicky feedback.

Mouse – The Razer Mamba Wireless Mouse is designed to deliver long-lasting gaming play thanks to an impressive battery life of up to 50 hours. Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT) provides a stable wireless connection and the 5G Advanced Optical Sensor with true 16,000 DPI and a resolution accuracy of 99.4% results in a new standard of precision and speed.

Speakers – The Razer Nommo Chroma stereo speakers deliver rich, directionally accurate sound immersing you in your experience bringing games, music and movies to life. Powered by Razer Chroma, take ambient gameplay up a notch with ambient lighting that reacts to your every move. 

Headphones – The Razer Kraken TE Headphones provide the perfect mix of game volume and chat. Team communication will never be interrupted by the sound of battle and vice-versa all while having ultimate control over the bass for customisable bass intensity during play.  

Chair – The Vertagear PL6000 Gaming Chair is designed for comfort and is equipped with superior ergonomic features, providing greater support for your entire frame and head. Assembled with a wide range of adjustability that enhancers a gamers’ personal comfort, relax for extended periods during your intense gaming sessions. 

Lighting – Take your gaming to a whole new level by linking Phillips Hue lights to Razer Chroma equipment. Thanks to a partnership between Razer and Phillips Hue, you will be able to do just that! The colourful effects on the Razer Chroma equipment can now be extended to the whole room with the addition of Philips Hue lights. Whether it’s colours indicating your health is getting low, or ambient colours linked to the environment you are exploring, Philips Hue copies the effects of your Razer hardware and makes them stand out more!