How to Store Batteries

Batteries are a household necessity, used to power a wide range of electronics, from torches, clocks and alarms, to radios and kids’ toys. If you’re buying batteries in bulk so you’ve got a ready supply for your gadgets or home security system, you should be storing them properly to ensure longevity and maximum power when you come to use them.

Safe storage

Keep batteries, particularly small coin and button batteries, stored in a safe place, out of reach of children. Small batteries can be extremely dangerous to children if swallowed. Coin batteries can get stuck in a child’s oesophagus, where they can cause serious injury in a matter of hours. Keep unused coin and button batteries in their original blister packets, and store them safely where children will be unable to find them.

The best way to store unused batteries

Storing your new batteries properly could save you money. It will ensure your batteries don’t become damaged, and that they keep their charge, so you can power your household items for longer. Keep your batteries in their original packaging where possible. Store batteries with their negative and positive terminals away from each other, so they’re not conducting and losing charge while in storage. Store batteries in a dry place at room temperature. It is a myth that storing batteries in the fridge or freezer prolongs their life. Modern alkaline and lithium batteries lose their charge so slowly that it makes very little difference. In fact, condensation and extreme temperatures can damage batteries. Don’t store loose batteries with metal objects as they could be shorted by contact with metals, or damaged, causing leakage or ruptures. Store old and new batteries separately to prevent drained batteries from drawing power from new ones.

Leave plastic caps on batteries that come with them – only remove this when you need to use them.

Batteries currently in use

If a battery-operated appliance isn’t used regularly, removing the batteries could prolong their life. If you know you aren’t going to be using an appliance for a prolonged period, remove the batteries and store them following the above guidelines.