Razer Mechanical Switches

Mechanical switches have always been superior for speed and accuracy and before 2010, they were only used for typing. RAZER then made a decision to use mechanical switches in gaming keyboards which led to the world’s very first gaming mechanical keyboard; the Razer BlackWidow.

Four years later, Razer once again redefined the limits of gaming performance by creating mechanical switches specifically designed to meet the demands of gaming – the Razer Mechanical Switch was born.

What is the difference between the three switches?


Razer Green Switch – Perfect for those who want to feel and hear every keypress, the Razer Green Mechanical Switch features a tactile bump and a distinctive click sound along with optimised actuation and reset points for best in class faming and typing performance. 

Feel: Tactile & Clicky

Actuation Force: 50G

Travel Distance: 4.0mm

Actuation Point: 1.9mm

Actuation vs Reset Point: 0.4mm


Razer Orange Switch – Silent but deadly, the Razer Mechanical Orange Switches are for those who enjoy a tactile bump and feedback without the audible click. Enjoy the same optimised performance with less actuation force than a Razer Green Mechanical Switch, while maintaining a quiet gaming experience. 

Feel: Tactile & Silent

Actuation Force: 45G

Travel Distance: 4.0mm

Actuation Point: 1.9mm

Actuation vs Reset Point: 0.05mm


Razer Yellow Switch – The fastest and quietest switch. Best rapid-fire keypresses and fast-paced gaming, the Razer Yellow Mechanical Switch has an ultra-fast actuation of only 1.2mm, which allows you to press keys multiple times as fast as possible. 

Feel: Linear & Silent

Actuation Force: 45G

Travel Distance: 3.5mm

Actuation Point: 1.2mm

Actuation vs Reset Point: 0.0mm


The Razer Mechanical Switches

Razer controls the entire manufacturing process of each switch, even the blueprint. Through this, they are designed and optimised to cater for the demands of competitive play. This enables tighter tolerance and quality assurance protocols ensuring every switch lasts. Featuring an 80 million keystroke lifespan – designed to last 60% longer than other leading switches – Razer Mechanical Switches give gamers the assurance they need in the most intense situations


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