• Removable charging non-slip base
  • Qi-certified wireless charging stand
  • Qi 1.2 wireless allows fast charging of up to 10W
  • 1.4-metre USB cable
  • Conforms to all safety marks such as CE, RoHS, and EMC

The Veho DS-4 Wireless Charging Cradle with Removable Charging Pad uses Qi 1.2 wireless charging technology, designed to get the fastest charge possible from the latest smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7, iPhone 8/8+/X, Nexus 7/6 and many more. Our DS-4 can charge certain devices up to twice as fast as standard wireless chargers. Supplied with 1.4m USB cable, the DS-4 is the ideal wireless charging device for your bedside and the office. Introducing the DS-4 wireless charging pad from Veho. Our DS-4 possesses a charging pad which uses Qi 1.2 wireless charging technology. The DS-4 was designed for wireless charging phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7 and the iPhone X/8. No more tangled wires and lost cables, the Veho DS-4 is the perfect wireless charging stand for your progression in to the wireless charging world. Our Veho DS-4 charging stand can charge up to twice as fast as a Qi 1.1 device. Qi 1.2 technology enables our DS-4 to charge at a maximum of 10W with selected phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8+ and S7, whilst Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8/8+ models will be charged as fast as 7.5W. The DS-4 provides high efficiency charging for your Smartphones, ultimately saving you time. Certified by CE, FCC and WPC (wireless protection consortium), the UK Designed Veho DS-4 reaches all of the required safety standards to ensure that your devices not only charge efficiently, but also safely. Built in with overcurrent, over-temperature, over-voltage and short circuit protection, the DS-4 can effectively prevent you away from any potential dangers that could be encountered with other wireless charging devices.

Form FactorCharger
Case ColourBlack
Pack Quantity1