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TV Aerial and Satellite Dish Installation

Get your new TV aerial or satellite dish set up professionally with our installation service

Benefits of getting your Aerial or Satellite dish installed with us

  • Fully trained and accredited Aerial & Satellite Dish Installers
  • Competitive pricing and custom quotes
  • Aerial & Satellite Dish Installation across the UK


Are you considering buying a new TV aerial?

Or have you just got a new TV set up and now you’re wondering how to install your satellite dish?

Take the hassle out of TV aerial installation by using our professional Aerial Installation Service.


Whether you need help setting up a new TV aerial, assistance with connecting your aerial to your TV set up, or don’t feel comfortable climbing on the roof to find the best angle for your satellite, we can help.

We've teamed up with professional CCTV installers Total Support Group (TSG) to get you up and running with your new TV aerial or satellite quickly and easily.


We’ve been selling aerials and satellites for years, so why go anywhere else for your aerial and satellite dish installation?

Our partnership with TSG means that your aerial or satellite will be set up quickly and professionally at a time to suit you.

Between us we know everything there is to know about aerials, satellite dishes, and installing them, so you can trust us to install yours perfectly.


If you’re looking to buy a new TV aerial or satellite dish, why not get it somewhere you can have it installed too?

Our TV aerial installation service saves you the hassle of installing it yourself, and means you don’t have to spend hours trying to find a trusted installer to do it for you.

Choose convenience and get the whole package – product and installation – in one place.


Our aerial installation costs vary depending on the number of rooms you want the aerial connected to.

Installation packages available:

Aerial Installation
Aerial installation Cost Code
1 room - Aerial install^ £150 A06XF
2 rooms - Aerial install^ £190 A07XF
3 rooms - Aerial install^ £230 A08XF
4 rooms - Aerial install^ £275 A09XF
Domestic maintenance call £80 A10XF
Aerial upgrade £70 A05XF
Bespoke Installation Ask for details
Satellite Installation
Satellite installation Cost Code
Dish & STB - 1 TV^^ £80 A11XF
Dish & STB - 2 TVs^^ £115 A12XF
Dish & STB - 3 TVs^^ £150 A13XF
Dish & PVR - 1 TV^^ £100 A14XF
Dish & 2 PVRs - 2 TVs^^ £150 A15XF
Dish & 3 PVRs - 3 TVs^^ £230 A16XF
Dish, PVR & STB^^ £130 A17XF
Dish, PVR & 2 STBs^^ £165 A18XF
Domestic maintenance call £65 A19XF
Bespoke Installation Ask for details

We do more with Aerial & Satellite dish Installation

  • We work out the best placement for optimum TV signal
  • We install the aerial or satellite dish
  • We route any cables to a chosen room in your home
  • We tune your receiver (TV, set top box or Personal Video Recorder)
  • We have a 12-month warranty on all materials provided during the installation

Watch what a typical Aerial installation looks like

Watch what a typical Satellite dish installation looks like

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