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Create a more comfortable and accessible home

Create a far more accessible home with smart home technology.

Everything from the ceiling lights to the skirting board plug sockets can be controlled remotely, so you're not stretching for hard-to-reach plugs and switches.

Make it easier than ever to control your appliances, lighting and electronics, so you can get on with enjoying them.

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Prevent accidents from happening

Program your lights to come on when you climb out of bed, or if movement is detected in the corridors, so you'll never have to navigate your way to the bathroom in the dark again.

Make your home a safer place to live with smart lighting and smart sensors.

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Control your home with your voice

Control all of your smart devices through your smart hub, from turning your central heating on to creating the perfect home cinema set up.

With a Smart Home Hub you can control smart home tech with your voice, from lighting and heating to managing appliances and consoles through smart plugs.

Voice commands can completely change the way your home works.

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Your very own personal assistant

From finding out the weather forecast and ordering a taxi, to playing audio books and reading out the online takeaway menu, a smart hub can make a world of difference for the visually impaired.

It can even keep track of your daily schedule, so you'll never forget an appointment again.

Set reminders, ask questions, and manage your other smart tech through your smart hub with simple voice commands.

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Help when you need it

Make it easier for loved ones to check everything's ok with smart cameras.

Program the camera to notify your family when you get up in the morning, and even speak with them to let them know everything's ok.

Peace of mind for them, more independence for you.

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