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Living life to the full

As you get older, simple things around the house can become more difficult.

Smart Home Technology can help make your home a safer place and allow you to keep your independence for longer.

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Never walk into a dark house again

Make fumbling for the light switch a thing of the past with smart lighting.

Prevent accidents like trips or falls, and feel safe and secure when you arrive home or get up during the night.

Use sensors, set timers, or turn the lights on with a simple voice command - however you choose to control your lighting, you won't be left in the dark again.

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Keep warm during the winter

Save money on your heating during those cold winter months.

Smart heating tech learns your heating patterns, and you can control it remotely too.

Turn on the heating on your way home, so you always arrive to a warm house - or turn it off once you're cosy in bed, so there's no need to get up again.

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Make your home more accessible

Struggling to reach out-of-the-way plugs and switches? Make it easy with our range of smart plugs.

They can be controlled remotely or work to a timer, so there's no need to reach benind sofas or under beds.

Put an end to the "did I leave the iron on?" panic - simply turn off your plugs through the app, wherever you are. Smart plugs can even help to save you money on your electricity bills.

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Check in with the family

Do your family worry about you when you're home alone?

Ease their worries with a smart camera, which lets them know when you're up and about in an unobtrusive way.

Set it to notify them when you come downstairs in the morning, or when you boil the kettle for your morning cuppa. If you want to you can even talk with them to let them know everything's ok.

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Keep on top of your schedule

Set reminders, organise your day, and let your Smart Home Hub keep on top of your schedule.

You can set it to remind you to take medication at the same time each day, ask it for the weather forecast, and keep track of your day to day plans.

It's like your own personal asistant, on hand to book you a taxi, play your favourite music, help you with that tricky crossword clue or check the bus times whenever you need it.

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