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Being smart means...

Creating the perfect atmosphere

Keep everyone entertained from dawn to dusk

with smart home technology

Fill your home with music

Move to your own rhythm with your favourite music.

Simply say the word and a smart hub will play songs from your playlists or from your favourite websites or radio stations.

Create new playlists, download new albums or choose your old favourites through voice commands.

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Bring the action into your living room

Stream movies, your favourite TV channels and more, just say the word and your smart hub or speaker will put it on the TV for you.

Adjust the sound and lighting through voice commands to create the perfect movie night.

Sync your smart lighting to your TV, music and games, letting you escape into your favourite TV shows and films with amazing special effects.

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Get the party started

Set up the perfect party atmosphere with smart lighting in a fantastic range of colours.

Play your party playlist throughout the house, and sync the lighting to the music for a brilliant dancefloor effect.

Having a dinner party? Choose more relaxing lighting to get everyone in the right mood.

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Order a taxi or a takeaway

Heading out for the night? Book a cab to pick you up while you're getting ready.

Staying in? Put your feet up and order your favourite takeaway to be delivered, all by using voice commands to your smart hub.

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Know who's at the door

Whether you're waiting for a delivery or for friends to turn up, see who's calling with a smart doorbell, and even tell them to hang on a sec while you finish getting ready.

In the middle of the latest episode of your favourite series? It's just as easy to turn away unwanted callers.

Out at work or walking the dog? Nobody need know you're not home when you answer your Ring doorbell remotely.

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Locked up, turned off

Heading home after a long day? Turn your heating and porch lights on so you come back to a warm and welcoming home.

Out for the night? Double check that your doors are locked and that your lights, heating and appliances are turned off.

Smart thermostats, switches and lighting keep your home safe and help save you money.

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