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Protect your home and family with smart home technology

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We're currently unable to offer any Smart Home Surveys. Please check back for updates.

Keep loved ones and possessions safe

Secure your family, possessions and valuables with a smart alarm system.

Monitor your home remotely, and be the first to know if there’s a security issue.

Check up on your home wherever you are, and receive alerts if there are any security issues.

Use smart CCTV cameras to receive live updates and ensure your property is safe.

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Prevent burglaries

Deter potential thieves or catch them in the act with integrated smart alarm and smart CCTV kits.

Get notifications straight to your smartphone whenever the cameras detect motion, or view live footage in and around your home.

Some smart cameras come with two-way audio to warn off intruders, and some have high-decibel alarms you can trigger remotely.#

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Keep an eye on the house from anywhere

A smart doorbell will inform you whenever there’s a visitor, and lets you speak with them through the app.

View live smart CCTV footage from wherever you are, and get notifications straight to your device.

With smart monitors inside the house, you’ll know immediately if anyone gains access to your home.

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Be the first to know if there’s a security issue

Your smart home security kit will notify you immediately whenever there’s unexpected activity in or around your home.

You can customise your kit to send you notifications at set times, in response to specific triggers, or to multiple people.

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Don’t leave your home security to chance

Traditional security kits rely on neighbours to raise the alarm when your home is targeted.

Don’t leave your home security in the hands of others – go smart and take control.

With smart home security your tech will notify you through the app if there's ever a security issue.

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Prevent anything happening before it starts

Keep the opportunist thieves away with smart lighting and smart plugs, which let you schedule lighting to turn on and off, even when you're not there.

Making it look like someone's home even when they're not.

Turn the outdoor and hallway lights on before you get home, so you're not fumbling with your keys and bags on the doorstep.

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Keep yourself safe from hidden dangers

Carbon monoxide is an invisible killer which some home appliances like heaters, ovens and cookers can release without you knowing.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with smart monitoring and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is free from dangerous fumes.

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