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Being smart means...

tech is part of the furniture

For your kids, technology is a part of everyday life,
from school work to playing with friends.

Make it a part of their lives at home too, with smart home technology.

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Know when they get home from school

Working late at the office? No need to worry if the kids are home from school with a smart home doorbell or smart door sensor.

Get alerts to tell you when they arrive home, and even speak with them through the inbuilt camera.

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Protect them when you’re not there

You can't always be there, but you can always keep them safe from harm.

Ensure your little ones feel safe at night with smart night lights in relaxing colours.

Protect your home against intruders with smart CCTV and security kits, which you can monitor from your smartphone.

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will notify you if harmful fumes are detected.

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An extra pair of hands

Get help with tricky homework questions or keep them occupied with stories, games and music - the possibilities are endless with a smart hub system.

Juggle their busy evening schedules, keep track of play dates and dentist visits, or simply set a bedtime to make the evening routine that little bit easier.

Or bring a little magic to their nightly rituals with lights that they can control with a voice command.

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Keep an eye on them

Enjoy peace of mind that they're safe and happy with smart cameras.

Get alerts if your toddler wakes early from nap time, keep an eye on youngsters so you can intervene if play gets too boistrous, and make sure teenagers aren't up to no good with their friends.

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Make sure they get a good night's sleep...

With so many distractions, kids can struggle to get enough sleep.

Make sure they're getting plenty of shut eye by programming smart plugs to turn off their electronics after bed time.

Create the perfect mood to help them drift off faster with smart lighting, and set the smart hub to read a bedtime story or play relaxing sounds.

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…and get them up on time

Do you find yourself wrestling a grouchy monster into school uniform in the morning?

Programme your smart lights to come on gradually, helping them to wake up more naturally and get out of bed on the right side.

If they end up glued to the TV screen before school, control the smart plugs to turn on only once they've brushed their teeth and buckled their shoes.

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Keep everyone the perfect temperature

Kids want to come home to a warm house, but they also tend to leave the heating on for longer than necessary, or turn it up too high.

Take back control with smart heating, and save money on your heating bills.

With smart valves, you can control the temperature of individual rooms. Perfect for keeping the baby's nursery at the right temperature, or for different family members who like their rooms hot, cold, or just right.

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