Winter Warmers

Winter getting you down? We’ve got tech to

warm your cockles and put a smile on your face

Dark evenings, cold nights and bad weather can bring you down in winter. But we’ve got all the tech you need to help cheer you back up. From portable heaters to keep the chill at bay, to smart home tech that means you’ll never come home to a cold dark house again.

You'll find all the lighting options to keep things bright, from energy efficient bulbs to smart lighting.

Stay safe and warm on the road with our range of dash cams, Sat Navs and car heaters.

Make this festive seasons extra special with our amazing range of Christmas lights and Christmas gifts. We've got all the winter essentials you'll need to see you through the winter months.

Keep warm when the temperature drops

  • Heaters

    Our range of portable heaters warm up rooms quickly, so you’re not left shivering when the temperature drops

  • Smart Thermostats

    Control your heating through your smartphone. Save money on heating bills and always come home to a warm house.

  • Dehumidifiers

    Don’t let damp dampen the mood – our range of dehumidifiers will keep your home cosy, no matter the weather


Get smarter with your energy

Keep your energy bills under control this winter with smart home technology. Track your energy usage with an energy saving monitor. Find out which appliances use the most energy and take steps to reduce your energy consumption, saving your pocket and the planet.

Get your heating just right with a smart thermostat. Control your heating from wherever you are, so you’re not needlessly heating an empty house. Turn your smart lights on or off from anywhere - whether that's the comfort of your bed or the other side of the world.

Control your appliances remotely with smart plugs and sockets, perfect for turning on the lamps before you get home and for improved security during dark evenings.

Drive Safe

Dark mornings and evenings, rain, sleet, ice and snow make driving in winter more dangerous.

Be prepared, get your car started and make your drive as safe as possible with our range of tech solutions.

Brighten up your home

Winter Essentials