• Step counter to promote an active, healthier lifestyle
  • Sleep monitor gives you a valuable insight into your sleeping pattern
  • Heart rate monitor for working out and resting heart rate
  • Blood pressure monitor sensor on the back
  • Sport monitor records and analyses your exercise data

The Xplora Step Counter with Heart Rate Monitor Activity Band is perfect for adults and teens. With it’s sleek, ultra-thin design it is the perfect companion to track your physical activity every day. For every 1,000 steps taken with the Activity Band earns one Xplora coin and connecting to Xplora's Goplay activity platform the Activity Band allows you to exchange your coins in the Goplay Store for game time or physical products. No physical activity = no game time.

It counts the number of steps you take a day - every step adds up to a more active, healthier lifestyle. A sleep monitor checks how you are sleeping, giving you a valuable insight into your sleeping pattern.

Monitor how hard your workout has been and your resting heart rate using the heart rate monitor function, as well as the blood pressure monitor to fully check your health. In sport mode, it records and analyses your exercise data, heart rate and calorie consumption for seven different sports.