• Voice calling to pre-approved contacts
  • Tracks kids' steps & GPS to track location / set Safe Zones
  • Battery life: up to 72 hours
  • 2MP camera & stores over 1000 pictures
  • Requires a SIM card

The Xplora X5 Play Smartwatch is Xplora’s premium kid's smartwatch where you can stay in contact and get rewarded for being active! The watch does not feature social media and can not receive any unsolicited calls as all the contacts are managed by the free to download, simple to use Parental app.

Featuring a Qualcomm chipset for a fast and reliable user experience the X5 Play is also waterproof (IP68) and features a 1.4’ TFT display and 2 Mega Pixel camera for taking great selfies. With in-built G Sensors and advanced step tracking capabilities, X5 Play links seamlessly to Xplora’s unique Goplay platform. This enables children to access rich content where their activity is rewarded with Xplora Coins which can be used to play games and purchase amazing prizes in the Xplora webshop. As with all Xplora devices, our watch and platform are fully GDPR compliant meaning you’re safe with Xplora.

With an Xplora smartwatch children are rewarded for staying active, 1,000 steps equal 1 Xplora coin and children can then collect those coins to use them for game time or to purchase physical products on the award-winning Goplay platform.

The free Xplora app allows parents to manage up to 50 contacts on the watch who are able to call and message the device avoiding unsolicited calls. GPS Location tracking, safe zones and school mode, which disables the interactive features whilst in class, are other features included on the device!


Locate your child with the X5 Play. Feel safe and worry-free when you take your children out on trips or excursions. You can also create Safe Zones, which will alert you whenever your child leaves or enters the zone.


The watch is also a phone! With a SIM card, you can make and receive calls. This enables easy communication with the child and up to 50 approved contacts. Answering and making calls is very easy with swipe motions. The watch can also display text messages and emojis - no more boring texts!


Take pictures with the watch! The 2MP camera on the X5 Play gives your child the ability to take pictures. They can share the pictures with you throughout their day, keeping you up to date on what they are doing. Store over 1000 pictures in the gallery and set a custom background. 


Never before have kids been less active than today, and we would like to change that. Children should stay active, investigate, and explore the world, which is why we have launched the world’s first Goplay activity platform combining physical activity with entertainment.

Xplora is one of the most reliable products in its category, has won multiple awards, and is known as Europe's leading smartwatch brand for children. With partnerships with Sony PlayStation, BBC's Doctor Who, and Fast & Furious: Spy Racers by Netflix, Xplora has developed a creative and successful concept that makes children aware of having balanced screen time.


The X5 Play Smartwatch is IP68 waterproof. It is dustproof and water-resistant to continuous submersion to a maximum depth of 1.5 metres of water for a maximum of 30 minutes. Water-resistance is not a permanent condition and may degrade over time. Although the X5 Play has an IP68 certification, we do not recommend taking the watch swimming or bathing and do not keep it underwater. Also, do not expose the watch to chemicals such as soaps, shampoos, sunscreen oil, conditioners, lotions and perfumes.