Say goodbye to your keys
Control access from your smartphone
Protected by an internal alarm
Get your Smart Door Lock up and running in no time
Control access from your smartphone
No wires, no hassle. Easy to replace


The future of Door Locks ishere

Open the door to your world with thisConexis(R) L1 Smart Door Lock. The Smart Door Lock thatputs you fully in control giving you the freedom to secure your home withoutthe need for a key.

SayGoodbye to Keys
With ConexisTM L1your smartphone is now your key. There’s no need to leave keys under the mat orworry about the hassle of replacing them if they go missing.

Stay inControl
Send mobile keys tofamily and friends. Choose to give access for a few weeks or hours - It’s up toyou. You can even revoke mobile keys, key cards, key tags and phone tags in aninstant. (5 Mobile Keys are included - Additional Mobile Keys can bepurchased via the App).

Know who comes and goes
Have peace of mind knowingyour loved ones are home safely. When using mobile keys you can receive anotification informing you they are home.

The YaleConexis App
Configure, control and unlock your Smart Door Lock from your smartphone via oursecure Bluetooth app. Give family and friends access by sending them a virtualkey to their smartphone and keep track of who comes and goes via the app. Twist& GoTM - To open the lock with the app simply touch the lock to wake up theBluetooth function and twist your phone 90 degrees.

Compatibility- Will it work with my lock?
The Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock is compatible with most UK ‘Lift to Lock’multipoint locks. Making it a quick and easy install. 

Important Measurements

92mmCentre Measurement - Measure the distance between thecentre of the cylinder and the centre of the door handle/ spindle. This mustbe 92mm.

DoorThickness - When measuring your door ensure the thickness isbetween 44-70mm.

Note: The Conexis® L1 Smart Door Lock is NOT compatible with‘Autofire’ Multipoint Locks or ‘Avantis’brand of multipoint door locks. ‘Avantis’ multipoint door locks aredistinguishable by having the locking bolt above the latch bolt.

The Yale Smart Home Security Ecosystem
Centred around the Yale Smart Home Hub*, all app enabled products in the YaleSmart Living range can work together as part of a connected Smart Home securitysystem. By combining our smart door locks, CCTV, IP cameras and home alarms,you can build a Yale Ecosystem to suit your home, integrated under oneseamless, single-point-of-access – the Yale Home App.