Model number: SR-PC
Great area of coverage with a detection distance of 12m and angle of 110 degrees
PIR sensor for detecting movement of intruders in your home
Only compatible with the Yale Smart Home Alarm
Wireless sensor with an operating distance of up to 20 metres


How does this PIR camera protect my home?
This wireless PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor detects movement made by an intruder and activates the siren it is linked to. It has an extensive area of coverage with a maximum detection distance of 12m and an angle of 110 degrees. The sensor has a wireless range of up to 20 metres, allowing you to locate it a good distance away from the control panel.

Thanks to the camera built into the PIR sensor, you will also receive an image sent to your smartphone when the sensor is activated, giving you the ability to turn off the alarm remotely when a false alarm has occurred. In the event that an intruder wants to try and remove the PIR sensor's batteries, there is a tamper switch at the back of the sensor that will additionally cause the alarm to sound. The camera has 15 metres of night vision, making this a great way to add extra protection and security to your Easy Kit smartphone alarm kit.

Where is the best place to fix this sensor?
The best place to locate this PIR sensor would be in a corner of a room where an intruder will most likely travel past, such as your living room or a corridor. For maximum effect, ensure that the sensor is unobstructed by furniture, heat sources or windows.