• Detect intruders in your home with a PIR motion sensor
  • Easy DIY installation
  • When the PIR picks up movement, your Yale alarm systems is triggered and notifications sent to your smartphone
  • Compatible with Yale SR-Range and EF-Series Alarm systems
  • Model number: EF-3PIR

What does the Yale PIR Motion Sensor do?
This battery-operated, Yale PIR Motion Detector is wireless and easy to pair with your Yale SR-Range Alarm System and Yale EF-Series Alarm System. This allows you to extend your system to tailor it to your individual needs. When put in place and set, the device will send radio signals to your Yale Home Alarm System if it detects movement in the room, and a siren will be triggered. If you are using the Yale SR-Range Home Alarm System, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet when are away from the house to tell you the alarm has been triggered.

How easy is it to fit the Yale PIR Motion Sensor?
Place the device in a room where the PIR motion sensor can pick up a majority of movement in the room. Program your PIR motion sensor before installation and test it afterward.


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