All components are battery operated, not need for cable running (all batteries included)
Loud sounding siren, 94dB internal and 104dB external
Model number: SR-320
Includes two PIR motion sensors, one door/window contact, one siren, one smart hub and one keypad
Frequency of 868MHz, tightly controlled for a clearer channel with less interference
Remotely arm and disarm your system via your smartphone
Operational range of up to 30 metres


What features does this kit have?
In addition to remote connectivity to your smartphone, thisYale kit is packed with other features to help keep your home secure. When asensor or PIR image camera is triggered, a loud siren is set off to scareintruders and alert you and your neighbours. This Yale kit is expandable so youcan tailor it to your home. You can add up to 20 devices, including up to sixPIR image/video cameras. All components are self-contained and no wiredconnections are required between units, meaning you won’t damage any of yourdécor, have to lift carpet or run cables when installing. The ‘home arming’mode allows the premises to be part armed so that no one can get inside withoutwarning the occupier, while the person already inside the house can move freelywithout triggering the alarm.

Can I connect to my alarm with my smartphone?
The Yale Smart Home Alarm app gives you control of your alarmsystem from your smartphone. The app lets you know if your home is fullysecured, which relieves stress or worry if you are away for long periods oftime. You can check your home any time and from anywhere with the Yale SmartHome Alarm app. To add to the security, the PIR image camera sends you picturealerts and notifications if the alarm is triggered. The app can also turn yoursmartphone into a smart remote for your home appliances. Turn your appliances,such as lamps or radios, on and off remotely with the power switch, all viayour smartphone.

Easy to set up and ready to go
This simple to install system has been designed with the userin mind. There is no need to wire into the mains supply or seek the services ofa qualified electrician. The smart hub is powered by an adaptor and all othercomponents are powered by battery, with all batteries included. All devicesmust be within 30 metres of the smart hub and must not be mounted on or nearlarge metal objects. All accessories in the kit are already pre-learned to thesystem, making the setup and installation quick and easy.


Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor TypePIR (Passive Infra-Red)
Motion Sensor BatteryYes ,
Form FactorHome Alarm
Case ColourWhite
In The BoxSmart Hub x 1 Siren x 1 PIR Motion Detector x 2 Door/ Window Contact x 1 Key Pad x 1 Fixing Pack Batteries