Which battery do I need for my electric bike?

Written by: Jon Duffy



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Looking to replace the battery on your e-bike? If you’re concerned about which replacement to pick up, Maplin are here to help you find the ideal battery to keep yourself on the move.

Lithium-ion or Lead Acid?

Lithium-ion batteries are generally considered the superior choice when it comes to e-bikes. Though they tend to be more expensive than lead acid batteries, they benefit from being far lighter which is an important factor when you’ll be riding around with it!


Make sure you check the unique input volt range of your electric bike as every model could have different requirements. You don’t want to choose a battery with more or less volts than the recommended range as you could damage your e-bike or even risk a fire.


If volts are a measure of how fast your e-bike can go, ampheres determine how fast the battery can deliver this speed. Most motor systems can only pull as much current as they need, so opting for a battery with a high current output will not damage your electric bike’s motor.

So which battery should I get?

Ultimately, the most important step is to check the user manual for your e-bike to make sure that the battery you’re looking at will be compatible. Make sure to also check both the voltage and ampheres as these are essential to operating your electric bike safely.

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