How to care for your cables

Written by: Jon Duffy



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Tired of untangling cables only to find they’re damaged or don’t work anymore? If you know how to look after your cables, you’ll find that they can last for far longer than you expect. So read on to learn some techniques to reduce wear and tear for your essential cables.

Wrap your cables carefully

To protect the wires inside the cable jacket it’s important to wrap cables with care when not in use. Don’t wrap them around your hand, arm or wrist as this increases the chance of breaking or damaging the protective jacket or the wires inside. Instead, wrap the cable in a loose loop while holding it in one hand. This can help to extend the lifespan of the cable.

Don’t get them tangled

As tempting as it is to just shove your cables into the nearest bag when you’re finished with them, try to keep them organised and stored neatly. Braided cables can help to reduce tangling, but it’s always a good idea to keep them neat and tidy. Nobody wants to spend ages untangling cables!

Don’t stress them

Even when in use, cables can get damaged. They are most likely to start showing issues at either end, as the connecting points are subjected to the most stress. Yanking cables or bending the connectors can cause damage over time, so try not to leave them kinked or pressed up against something when in use.

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