What are the benefits of flight cases?

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If you need to keep your valuable tech and equipment safe while in transit, a flight case is an ideal choice. Their sturdy, rigid design helps to protect your goods while you’re on the go. Want to learn more? Maplin are here to help you explore our wide range of flight cases.

What is a flight case?

Also known as equipment cases and transit cases, our flight cases are made from metal or plastic. They often include extra features such as foam inserts, protective padding, reinforced metal corners and quick catch mechanisms, all designed to to keep your valuable electronics safe. Whether you’re travelling by road, sea or sky, a flight case is a wise investment to protect equipment, tools and tech during transit.

Aluminium flight cases

The most common type of flight cases are aluminium models. They are widely used across many industries and come in a range of sizes. Ideal for shipping your fragile electronics and tools, these lockable cases are designed to be robust with hinged lids and carry handles.

Aluminium flight cases are lightweight, durable and water-resistant for extra protection during travel. They can also be stacked easily, making storage less of an issue.

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Plastic flight cases

As an alternative to our aluminium models, Maplin also offers plastic flight cases to protect your tech. With their rugged lightweight design, they can deal with the regular knocks and impacts you can expect during transit. Shockproof and waterproof, our plastic flight cases also feature cubed foam and can handle almost any environment.

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