Energizer LR1/E90 Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 2

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Key Features
 2 x LR1 batteries  1.5 V  Alkaline  Used in many common devices  Pack of 2
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Energizer LR1/E90 Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 2


About this product

Energizer offers a full range of long-lasting miniature batteries. Whether for your watch, camera, glucose monitor, pedometer, remote control or other small devices, Energizer LR1/E90 Alkaline Batteries are an ideal choice.

They are commonly used for:

  • Clocks: LR1 batteries are often used in smaller, battery-operated clocks and alarm clocks.
  • Remote Controls: Some specialized remote controls, such as those for garage doors or certain home automation systems, use LR1 batteries.
  • Cameras: Certain older or specialized cameras and camera accessories, like external flashes, use LR1 batteries.
  • Medical Devices: Small medical devices, such as glucose meters or thermometers, may use LR1 batteries for their compact size and reliable power.
  • Toys: Some small electronic toys and gadgets, particularly those requiring a compact power source, use LR1 batteries.


Battery size: LR1/E90
Battery chemistry: Alkaline
Battery voltage: 1.5V
Pack size: 2



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Energizer LR1/E90 Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 2

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